Living in Rural Mallorca

Sylvia Baker de Perkal - Translator & Artist

June 19, 2021 Jan Edwards/Sylvia Baker de Perkal Season 1 Episode 9
Living in Rural Mallorca
Sylvia Baker de Perkal - Translator & Artist
Show Notes

Sylvia Baker de Perkal and her Californian husband Adam moved from banking careers in  Madrid to live in the countryside near the Mallorcan village of Algaida. This was twenty-six years ago, and they still live in the same rural home they fell in love with when they came to look for a property on the island. 

Sylvia and Adam each have their own successful businesses in Mallorca: Sylvia is a highly qualified translator, specialising in legal and financial translations; Adam runs his wine importing company. Sylvia also devotes time to her passion for creating art; four of her canvases hang in a smart new hotel in Lisbon.

Sylvia talks about sharing their environment with animals (some of which you'll hear in the background), the changes they made to their home when they arrived, how she integrated into the local community, what it's like to start a business here, and some of the illusions people have about living in Mallorca. 

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COMPOSER: Jack Waldenmaier
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