Living in Rural Mallorca

Kate Brittan - Australian Expat, Foodie, and Fledgling Farmer

April 30, 2021 Jan Edwards/Kate Brittan Season 1 Episode 8
Living in Rural Mallorca
Kate Brittan - Australian Expat, Foodie, and Fledgling Farmer
Show Notes

This episode’s guest, with her veterinarian husband, and their young son took a sabbatical from their life in Sydney to discover Europe. They planned to experience living in a city, the countryside, and Provence (France). After some months in Aix-en-Provence, they headed to the south of Spain for some warmth, basing themselves in Seville. Next stop on the Brittan family’s European sabbatical was Mallorca – an island they’d never visited before.

After renting a rural property for a while, they realised they’d fallen in love with the largest of the Balearic Islands. In September 2019 they bought a beautiful mountain finca with twenty acres of land where they’ve created a family lifestyle that’s very different from their former lifestyle Down Under.

Kate Brittan is a passionate foodie who originally trained in Australia as a chef before entering the corporate tech world. Since moving to the largest of the Balearic Islands, she’s started the popular Facebook group ‘The Mallorca Foodies’.

 Kate talks about the impact of Covid and the Australian wildfires on their family life, their impressive plans for the farm, solving the problem of sourcing favourite ingredients for cooking, the surprising way she integrated with her Mallorcan neighbours, and why she loves her nearest town, Inca. And, of course, she shares her top tips for anyone wanting to move to Mallorca.

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Facebook group: The Mallorca Foodies

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